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Abeego Tabletop Campfire


Backyards to beaches, balconies to backcountry, the instant and portable Abeego Mini Campfire elevates moments to memories. Brighten everyday outdoor occasions with a small, captivating fire that lights quickly and extinguishes instantly.

Scout Your Spot | Place on a secure heat-proof surface. The tin gets very hot!
Light Easily | Reach for your trusty lighter or match and light. 
Extinguish Instantly | Simply slide the lid over the tin to extinguish. Allow to cool before moving.

Made in Canada, the Abeego Mini Campfire is upcycled from our Food Wrap production waste and gets us one step closer to being zero-waste. Includes beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil, hemp, and organic cotton.

Burns 3+ Hours | No Embers or Sparks | Windproof | Food Safe

*Read all instructions and safety information before use.