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Bakers Tea Towel Set - Nutcracker


Create a unique sense of nostalgia in your kitchen with this set of three whimsical nutcracker tea towels. Generously sized and delightfully designed, this towel is a nod to the generations of homemakers who repurposed high-quality grain and flour bags into all-purpose towels.

From glassware to pasta pots, these ultra-absorbent cotton flour sack kitchen towels speed up drying time. The thin, loose weave provides a lint-free finish as an ideal companion for delicate stemware and treasured dishes. Keep one or two handy by the sink or stove—just like Grandma did—to handle everything from wet hands to warm pots. They come bundled in giftable sets wrapped in baker's twine for charming presentation.

Machine wash warm tumble dry low.

Set/3.  30" x 20"