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Bittermilk Tom Collins Cocktail Mixer


Not just your Grandma's Tom Collins, Bittermilk has made a refreshing Collins with floral and citrus notes, using elderflower and hops.

Using Centennial hops as the bittering agent, prized for its aggressive floral characteristics.

Bittermilk cocktail mixers are designed for the modern day cocktail enthusiast, to help mix up unique, quality cocktails following a simple ratio of Bittermilk to your choice of spirit. 

Shake it up: Mix equal parts No.2 + Gin or Vodka in a glass with lots of ice and top with soda water.

Ingredients: Fresh Lemon Juice, Water, Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Natural Extract of Elderflower and Elderberry, Centennial Hops. 

17FL. / 503ML Makes 17 cocktails.