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Broad Leaf Thyme


It goes by many names: West Indian Thyme, Broad Leaf Thyme, Mexican Mint, even Cuban Oregano. What matters is this culinary gem is ready to revolutionize your cooking. 

Originally from Africa, Broad Leaf Thyme has become the secret to much Creole cooking. West-Indian thyme is used in the Caribbean for fresh, aromatic blends and green seasonings of all varieties. Broad Leaf Thyme is used as a tea in traditional West-Indian herbal medicine. 

Broad Leaf Thyme has a reputation as being stronger than conventional European thyme. In fact, it’s a distant relative of thyme, and contains a much wider range of essential oils, including those of oregano, mint, and others yet undiscovered. It can be used just like regular thyme, although much more sparingly, or in classic Creole dishes like Colombo, Jamaican jerk, or other island curries.

3g metal tin

Product of Grenada