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Cookie Canvas


Create works of art almost too good to eat!

With just a few ingredients and the right equipment, you can design mouthwatering masterpieces sure to please everyone at your next party. Whether you’re making cookies for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, or other events, you’ll find the inspiration, confidence—and expert guidance—you need in Cookie Canvas.
Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbs has been decorating cookies and teaching others her techniques for more than a decade. She’ll show you the essential basics you need to start decorating your own cookie designs, including how to ensure the consistency of your royal icing, how to flood a cookie, and how to avoid and fix common problems you might encounter.

Cookie Canvas includes these cookie designs and recipes:
Vanilla royal icing, Coffee royal icing, Chocolate buttercream, White chocolate ganache, Orange & cardamom cookies, Pumpkin spice cookies, Lemon & almond cookies, Gingerbread cookies, Maple cookies, Meringue cookies, Wedding, Baby shower, Birthday, Spring: lanterns and stars, Summer: BBQ, Fall: pumpkins and mums, Winter: plaid evergreen trees, Pizza, Bacon and eggs, Rainbow T-shirts
Amber will also share the decorating supplies and tools required, how to use food coloring and edible ink markers, and the specific templates for all the featured designs. No matter your abilities, Cookie Canvas will give you everything you need to get started decorating cookies for all your festivities!

Hardcover, 176 pages