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Food Revolution

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The first book of its kind to present sustainable eating with a fail-safe thirty-day recipe plan for readers to follow and cook from.

Based on the simple principle that local ingredients equal the lowest possible carbon footprint, Ollie Hunter makes the complex endeavour to eat sustainably easy, desirable, and delicious. From fresh soda bread and perfectly prepared scrambled eggs to zingy tomato, raspberry, and ricotta salad and beet-cured trout with elderflower and dill, you'll discover that maximum sustainability means maximum flavor. The straightforward meal plan is packed with inspiration from international cuisines, and Ollie encourages you to stock your own pantry of homegrown/homemade international ingredients like ripe tomatoes, soy, sriracha, vinegars, and oils.

With an introduction outlining globally endorsed guidelines; an infographic breakdown showing how to use every part of every ingredient; advice on how to make the most of seasonal produce; and savvy solutions for leftovers and scraps, it couldn't be easier to eat tasty, healthy, and reasonably priced meals. With Ollie's clever, ethical approach, you can care for the environment and make sustainable eating a pleasure.

Ollie Hunter- Hardcover