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Hello Ottawa!

Hello Ottawa!

Hey Ottawa! As I sit here, ordering all kinds of lovely things for the store and getting really excited to meet you, I just thought I would take a moment to say "hi!" and let you know a little bit of what Pot & Pantry is all about.

For me, Pot & Pantry is meant to be more than just a "kitchen store". This is a place for new & old friends to share their culinary adventures, challenge themselves to try something new and explore all the latest kitchen tools. My hope is that you will come in to let us know all about your favourite new recipe, kitchen gadget or ingredient, so that we can be sure to try to stock the best products out there. Even if you're not a chef or baker, but simply love all things foodie, I'd love it if you came in to let me know the best new restaurant in Ottawa, the trendiest dessert you can't live without or the amazing flavours you discovered on your latest travels.

As excited as I am to share my vision & my passion project with you all, I hope that you will also help Pot & Pantry to grow into a place that reflects you, Ottawa, and everything you want & need in a kitchen store. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts, or sign up for our mailing list, to find out all the details about our Grand Opening and what we'll be bringing in for the holiday season. See you all soon!


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Hello Ottawa!