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Knife Sharpening

We're excited to be partnered with Professional Knife Sharpening Service, 
Lewis’ Knife Sharpening to offer you weekly professional sharpening  for your kitchen knives with a 2 day turnaround time. 


How does it work?

Drop off your knives before 12pm on Tuesday's for pickup any time after 12pm on Thursday of that same week. Knife sharpening is done by Lewis' Knife Sharpening, with all edge finishing done on whetstones. Large repairs are done on a belt sander at the discretion of the situation. Additional services are decided on a case by case basis by Lewis' knife sharpening once they have had the opportunity to inspect your knives, and they will be in contact directly with you to quote these services for each knife. With drop off you will be given a claim tag that you will need to bring back in order to pick up your knives. 

How much does it cost?

General edge Sharpening: 

  • <5" blade length  - $7
  • >5" to 10" blade length  - $12
  • >10" blade length  - $14

Additional services:

  • Tip fixes  -  $2-5 (depending on size/damage) 
  • Chips along the edge  - $5 
  • Thinning or reshaping of the secondary bevel  - $10-30 (depending on thickness/damage /finish) 
  • Refurbishing / Polishing  - $10+ (depending on finish) 

*prices are per knife