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Los Ortega Blend Coffee Medium Coffee


According to Artery Community Roasters: This coffee is a living testament to the power of partnerships and community. And a culmination of doing things differently, and doing them better. 

It's a blend of single producers who are all from the Ortega family, and includes some really unique and delicious varieties like Gesha! 

ORIGIN + VARIETY: Red Caturra, Gesha, Pink Bourbon, and Colombia 
TASTING NOTES: Strawberry rhubarb pie 
ROAST: Medium  
PRODUCERS: Various related producers from the renowned Ortega family of the San Agustin region: Alejandro Ortega, Augusto Ortega, Angel Ortega, and Eanaider Ortega
FARM: Various 
REGION: San Agustin, Huila 
ALTITUDE: 1680-1750 masl
PROCESS: Washed 

227g whole coffee beans

About Ottawa based Artery Community Roasters: All the employees who are roasting and packaging our coffee, are people living with disabilities. Their main mission is to provide stable employment and work experience, paid at a living wage, for people living with disabilities.