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Essential Teak Cutting Board


This multi-purpose board will be the one you find yourself reaching for daily.  Big enough for everyday cooking, and light enough to wash and store easily. With one flat side and one side with a juice groove, you'll find yourself using this board for everything from serving charcuterie to chopping tomatoes.

Teak wood offers a medium hard cutting surface that is gentle on your knives, ensuring they keep their edge longer, while simultaneously offering an incredibly smooth chopping experience. Like all teak wood products, this board is surprisingly lightweight without sacrificing on quality or durability. 

Maintenance is simple, as a few drops of high quality board oil twice a month will keep it gleaming and presentation ready. Check out our selection of board oils and butters to keep your Teakhaus products moisturized, protected, and beautiful for years to come!

FSC® Certified sustainable teakwood

16" x 11" x 0.55"

Weight: 2 lb / 1 kg