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Bittered Sling Arabica Coffee


Bittered Sling's Arabica Coffee Bitters is made from a blend of Bourbon coffee beans, along with other varietals from East Van Roasters in BC. This bitters is intensely aromatic, slightly sweet and smoky, with a hint of wild berries and citrus. This bitters is like a spice rack in a bottle for you, to make cocktails and meals alike.

Best used with: cognac & brandy, rum, world whiskies, tequila & mezcal, oak-matured spirits, chartreuse & bitter liqueurs, sherry & vermouths, hot chocolate, and tropical fruits

For cooking, use for meat & vegetable seasoning. Brines, marinades and sauces- a spice rack in a bottle! It can even replace vanilla extract in baking and pastry recipes.

120 ml. Made in Canada