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Facial Bar Soap - Heureux


The 'Happy' complexion soap is handcrafted with local organic sunflower oil. Its mild and sweet forest scent will remind you of a slow walk in the woods. It contains Quebec Black Spruce essential oil, which brings energy, joy and happiness! A bit astringent, this soap will be great for normal to oily complexions, but will also relieve sensitive or very dry skin, such as eczema. It makes a great 3-in-1 soap.

The Eastern Sun soaps all have the same basic properties: ultra soft, nourishing and tonic, they are very soothing, making them suitable for the most sensitive and reactive skin. Their shape, designed as a playful sunflower, is an original creation made especially for the Savonnerie des Diligences. In short, it is a very "Québécois" soap!

Founded and based in Bolton-Est, QC.