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Bodum Glass Kettle


Especially tea drinkers, and coffee aficionados will appreciate the temperature controller and keep warm function on this kettle, because different types of tea and coffee often need different hot water temperatures.

The temperature selection can be changed to a higher temperature at any time during the heating process by simply setting the temperature knob to the desired number of degrees.

This double wall water kettle  has five temperature settings: 60°C/140°F, 70°C/158°F, 80°C/176°F, 90°C/194°F and boiling. 

The inner glass wall is made of borosilicate glass, the outer one of transparent plastic. It protects the glass, insulates, and keeps you from burning your fingers.

The water only comes in contact with glass – the process is therefore BPA-free.

This better insulation means that the water boils faster and stays hot for a longer time than in conventional kettles. Keep warm for up to 30 minutes.
Removable jug and large opening for an easy filling.

Mesh-screened spout captures chalk while pouring, and the transparent container makes it easier to control the water level. The scale line indicates litres, ounces and cups.

Manual On/Off switch plus temperature sensor for automatic shut off and added safety.

Made of Stainless steel, Plastic, Metal, and Glass

1.1L / 37oz


*Currently available for local delivery and pick-up only.