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Grosche Insulated French Press


The Dublin stainless steel French press offers durability and style for your daily caffein dose.  It is double-wall insulated and made from polished stainless steel, meaning your coffee will stay hot for hours, and you'll never ave to replace a broken glass beaker again. Plus the unique spout offers a consistent pour and it boasts a  comfortable handle, with excellent balance.  Truly a pleasure to use.

Every GROSCHE product you buy funds 50+ days of safe water for someone in need through their Safe Water Projects that started in 2010 - their products not only make great coffee but do great things in the world as well.

This press is dishwasher safe; however, we recommended hand washing to prolong the presses life. Looking for another purpose, it also be used as a water or juice pitcher with the press intact - you can simply unscrew the plunger and voila - a modern pitcher. 18/8 stainless steel,

1000 ml (34 fl. oz)