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EuroScrubby pot scrubber


This mighty little scrubber will do most of the work for you. It's tough on stuck on foods, but can tackle so many other tasks beyond the kitchen.  Toss it in your dishwasher or washing machine when it needs a good clean and then use it over and over again.  This little guy will keep his scrubbin power ten times longer than your regular one.

Use it on: non-stick pots and pans, glass/ceramic cook-tops, cookware, and even root vegetables. But don't stop there, they're great in every other room of the house that may need a scrub!


Made in Europe, Environmentally Friendly and Dishwasher Safe

Colours and patterns will vary.  No two scrubby's are made the same, so expect a mix of fun bright colours and patterns.

Approximate size 12.5cm x 15cm (5″ x 6″) 

Cleaning: Place your scrubby in the top rack of the dishwasher, or in the washing machine – do not put with any delicates. Think towels / old clothes, or place it in a lingerie bag before washing.