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Flipping Out Clock - Black


The Flipping Out flip clock marries minimalist design with old-world craftsmanship, evoking nostalgia of train stations and airports. Each flip tells a story of time passing, reminding us to appreciate the present. A versatile addition to any space with its sleek metal frame and large, legible numbers.

Versatility is at its core; whether perched on a study desk, gracing a kitchen shelf, or mounted on a living room wall, the clock seamlessly fits into varied decors. Large, legible numbers ensure it's not just an art piece but a functional one.

It's a conversation starter, a nod to nostalgia, and a testament to the timeless intersection of art and functionality. In every setting, from bedrooms to boardrooms, it adds not just time but a story.

1D Battery (not included. 1 year warranty.

5.5" x 14.56" x 3.54"