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Foghat Cocktail Smoker Charcuterie Kit


Bring restaurant-style cuisine to your home with the Foghat Cocktail Smoker Charcuterie Kit! Discover the delicious possibilities of smoked charcuterie, meats, cheeses, nuts and other delectable food items. Create your own unique gourmet creations with thrilling, smoky flavours and tantalize your tastebuds with this unrivalled culinary experience!

Included in this set is:

Foghat Cocktail Smoker™with stainless steel mesh guard
Foghat blown glass cloche
Raintree (Parota) wood charcuterie board w/ wrought iron handles
4oz Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuel
Whiskey Barrel Oak
Culinary Kitchen Torch
Premium Special Blue English Butane
Chimney Sweep
Instruction Book