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Grosche Electric Burr Grinder


Start every morning off on the right foot with freshly ground coffee beans to make your perfect cup.

This electric burr grinder is compact and consistent,  make it an ideal size for kitchens without a lot of extra counter space. It grinds coffee beans effortlessly between the double burrs rather than being sliced by blades. That gives precise and more even consistent coffee grinds every time. The 20 grind settings ensures that every grind is exactly what you want, whether that’s more coarse for French press coffee (coarse grind) or espresso (fine grind).

The coffee grounds storage container is removable and can hold up to 12 cups of coffee worth of ground coffee beans. This powerful burr coffee grinder also features an ultra high efficiency motor that won’t scorch your beans and non-slip rubber feet.

Every GROSCHE product you buy funds 50+ days of safe water for someone in need through their Safe Water Projects that started in 2010 - their products not only make great coffee but do great things in the world as well.