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Hand-Hammered Brass Singing Bowl


Calm the body and mind through the resonance created by this singing bowl. Being only 4" wide means this fits in the palm of your hand, making it portable for wherever life's adventures take you. Hammered by hand in Nepal, the makers of these bowls have social programming available to them and their communities.

The paper box the singing bowl is packaged in is made from Lokta Paper, a traditional Nepali paper, made from the inner bark of lokta bushes. Historically, this handmade paper has been used for religious and government texts.

The felt cushion ring is included and handmade with 100% mulesing-free New Zealand wool. The ring protects furniture that can be easily scratched and can hold the bowl during use.

Singing bowl: 4" W x 2.7" H, 100% brass

Mallet: 5" L x 2.7" W, wood & suede

Felt ring: 4" W x 3/4" D