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How to Fall in Love with Tofu


Discover a new love for tofu with 40 recipes that let tofu shine, from morning to midnight.

Tofu is the perfect canvas to soak up a pan’s flavors. Much more than a meat substitute or a health food alternative, tofu is a delicious staple with endless, delicious possibilities.

Emma de Thouars shares 40 of these recipes in her new book. Mostly inspired by cuisines across Asia, you will find recipes for Mapo Tofu, Korean Tofu Pancakes, Stuffed Tofu with Minced Pork, Omelets with Chili Oil, and Dumplings, as well as some Western favorites like Sloppy Joes and Chocolate Mousse.

De Thouars shares how all the varieties of tofu can shine as the centerpiece of a meal that’s very much worth eating, whether you’re a vegan or a devoted meat eater.

Anyone can learn to love tofu, and de Thouars is here to show you how.

Hardcover. Penguin Random House, 2023.