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Lvnea Rose & Bois - Coconut Milk Bath


This essential oil blend features rose, which is purported to calm the mind and is a known aphrodisiac, allowing the user to relax and let go of physical, mental, and emotional stressors. Aromatherapists equally use wood and rose oils to help treat depression, as they are said to impart feelings of happiness and strength.

The rich, velvet texture of the powdered coconut milk leaves skin feeling nourished and soft, while its gentle creamy aroma brings comfort and soothes the spirit.

Featured Notes: rose, rosewood, sandalwood, coconut

The Ritual: Add a handful or 1/2 of a cup of powder to a warm bath just before entering. Relax and allow your body to absorb these healing elements. 

Ingredients: coconut milk powder, sodium bicarbonate, kaolin clay, essential oil blend

Presented in a clear glass jar with black lid.
230g / 8oz