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Small Hinza Bag - Lemon


The classical stylish shape makes the Hinza bag mean it goes from grocery, to the beach to a day out. 

Made from polyethylene plastic, where sugar cane is used as a raw material instead of oil. Recyclable, carbon neutral and durable, this bag is a classic.

Hinza bags are manufactured in Sweden, in Hillerstorp. The factory is quality and environmentally certified.

The History: the Hinza bag is a Swedish classic that was produced in the 1950s and 60s by the plastics and chemicals company Perstorp AB. The bag, which was called "Shoppingbag 329", was designed by Perstorp AB's own designer Curt Christopherson. Production of the bag was discontinued when food shops started giving out free disposable plastic bags.

Height with handle: 42 cm.  Height without handle: 25 cm. Length: 44 cm. Width: 17 cm. Volume: 15 litres. Max weight: 15 kg.