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Tomme de Brebis Cheese


Tomme de Brebis de Charlevoix has a beige crust and body. The latter is supple and smooth and reveals sweet and lactic aromas. Its taste is sweet, lactic, rich and finely salted.

Made with milk from the ewe herd at the Maison d'affinage, it has been around since 2009.

Founded in 1994, Maison d'affinage Maurice Dufour was one of the first artisanal cheese factories in Quebec. An agronomist by training, Mr. Dufour was looking at the time for a way to stay in Charlevoix, to earn a living in the region. After having visited the fruit dairies of Franche-Comté in France (cooperatives of exploitation and manufacture of cheese), he then joined the Laiterie de Charlevoix for the production of the Migneron de Charlevoix. Still today, the white cheeses are made at the Laiterie and refined at the Maison d'affinage.



*Please note refrigerated items cannot be shipped outside of Ottawa. And can only be purchased in-store, or delivered by bike or car.